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Skrewdriver original lyrics

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The Road To Valhalla Lyrics. Retrieved from ” http: Won’t Get Fooled Again Lyrics. We Look To The East.

Skrewdriver – White Power Lyrics

Are we gonna sit and let them come? Well we’ve gotta do something, to try and stop the rot And the traitors that abuse us, they should all be shot. Built Up Knocked Down Lyrics.


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Night trains, filling up, on a railway station in Berlin On the way to the Eastern Front, as winter was closing in Young soldiers who were on their way to a freezing, living hell For victory’s dreams had faded now, amongst explosions and deadly shells Night trains, moving out Moving on, to the distant east Pride and love for the Fatherland As they sought the road to victory They choose to fight against all odds, against a foe without a god They fought for good, for all mankind, along death’s roads they bravely trod Marching on to a fiery fate, their courage it did not fail To a land of fire and ice they advanced up danger’s trails As the they marched into the icy wastes, there was no end in their sights And all they had was their comradeship, and the bitter cold of endless nights Well so many died in graves of ice, never again to see their Fatherland As their blood was spilt, so died their dreams, before the true ideal they took their stand.


Before The Night Falls Lyrics. Voice Of Britain Lyrics. And the snow fell They had to keep up for survival.

Skrewdriver – White Power Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Well if we don’t win our battle, and all does not go well It’s apocalypse for Britain, and we’ll see you all in hell. Why not create an lyrrics The next day they were freezing to death In the snow and the ice cold showers.

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